Why Apple could do better

Think Different? Think again!

How can a company be so popular offering products that are harder to repair, fail (often just out of warranty), crack the moment they are dropped or bend when you put them in your pocket?

How can a company justify known hardware problems, use non standard designs that don’t hold up to real world use, offer dismal warranty options that cost users money,  and sell products that really just don’t perform all that well?

Apple has a monopoly on their products so that no other company is allowed to or is licensed to manufacture -no competition allowed – This makes the cost higher than competing brands of hardware from other companies – and people love this?

For 35 years I have been repairing computers, and I have watched as companies like Apple (and others) make computers that are harder and harder to repair (no I am not griping about how thin they are), I am talking about design decisions that force you to take apart your entire laptop just to change a hard drive – drives fail all the time, so making it difficult or impossible to replace something that fails, is essentially a slap in the face.  But it doesn’t end there…

there are many people that feel this way – more and more these days.

25+ year former Mac user says Apple sucks and why
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