Electric Transport L3C – mission statement – Dedicated to minimizing the use of fossil fuel in personal transportation and lowering the amount of material in the waste stream by maximizing the reuse of existing materials, components and bicycles.

Electric Transport L3C (ETL3C) offers electric bike conversions using existing donor bikes or vehicles.

e-bike starting costs (includes the battery and wheel motor) with an estimated 2 to 4 hrs of labor, is $800 and up. More details here:

Future projects include: Full EV conversions, and prototype enclosed vehicles.

Starting costs for EVs are $15 to $20k for VW, Honda or other similar light-weight vehicles.

Car must be roadworthy, free of major rust and mechanically sound. Recommended upgrades to brake and suspension systems should also be performed prior to arranged drop off.

We then pull the motor, gas tank, exhaust system and ICE specific components and then install the following example components;

Motor: HPEVS AC-50 or similar 48 – 96V
Controller: Curtis 1238 650 Amp, 96 Volt
Instrumentation: Xantrex Link Pro
Shunt: Deltec 600 Amp
Transmission Adapter Kit: Billet Aluminum – in house
Charger: Elcon PFC2500
J1772 Charge: Yes, J1772 Inlet, and Controller
Chill Plate: In house design
Cooling System: in house design
Throttle Control: Toyota Prius Hall Effect
DC/DC Converter: SEVCON DC/DC 300W Converter
Controller Mount: In house

Note: This is a Typical EV kit for VW from EVWest;

Batteries: Deep Cycle Lithium Ion / phosphate

Custom battery boxes: In house designed for each vehicle.

All in house work takes place at 18 Granger St – Acetylene Studios

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