e-Solutions seeks to promote the little ‘e’ in all things.

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e-Solutions is a small Vermont non profit company that works with other companies, and municipalities performing free consultations on lighting, and energy saving technologies.

With the passage of Act 56 in 2015, Vermont established a Renewable Energy Standard that requires utilities to:

  • Meet a 75% by 2032 total renewable energy requirement (55% in 2017)
  • Meet 10% of sales with distributed generation in 2032 (1% in 2017)
  • Meet 12% of sales with “energy transformation projects” in 2032 (2% in 2017)

Act 56 also includes provisions related to setback and screening requirements for solar photo-voltaic facilities.

Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan establishes a goal of 90% renewable energy across all sectors by 2050.

HOW ARE WE TO DO THAT? – it is 2017 were actually pretty close…

GMP our largest utility informally is reporting about 50% of the daily load is met with net metered renewable projects (please don’t quote me on this number), but it is something like 160 to 170mW every good day – this is unprecedented. Washing and Burlington electric are at 100% renewable. Vermont Electric Co is reporting 55% renewable.

So we are off to a good start.

e-Solutions is currently running a Solarize program for Rockingham VT.  This program has a number of unique mechanisms for addressing LMI households and startup businesses.

Contact Daniel at 802 354 1410 for more information.
daniel at e-solutions dot org

Links to past Solarize programs I have managed:
Solarize Putney
Solarize Dummerston

Please visit the Putney Energy Committee site for more that you can do.

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