Web Site Migration

If you need to find a new host for your web site, I can help move your site to a new host. I can work with WordPress , Drupal, Dreamweaver, and plain old HTML sites.

It generally takes under one hour, and I can provide a full backup as well.

Here are the steps:

1. sign up with a host of your choice;
I use Green Geeks, because they are fast and environmentally  friendly.

2. Send me the login credentials for your new account so i can create the email accounts and type of web space needed.

3. Send me the FTP access for your current account, so I can copy files and any databases – or migrate an existing wordpress/cms/drupal sites.

4. Let me know what company handles the DNS, and provide username and password, so I can change DNS to point to the new hosting service, when you are ready.
You can also make this change yourself.

5. Let me know all the email accounts you need to set up, or if you have a 3rd party like GSUITE or other mail service.

6. Let me know if you want a full backup of your site, and I can provide a CD or USB drive, with everything.

7. Provide a billing contact 😉

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