e-Solutions is happy to announce (Electric Transport L3C) studio space is open for business – at 18 Granger St in Bellows Falls VT.

E-bike conversions (from kits) using your bike (to save you money) with rebates of $400 from GMP – ending when funding runs out.

E-bike conversions using donor bikes from the BF Bike project, you must have a bike picked out and a pickup date from BF Bike, before the end of Dec to qualify for the rebate. E-bike delivery may extend past the end of the rebate program.

The goal is to keep older bikes (and riders) on the road, to help increase e-bike transportation, and to spread the word about e-transportation.

Longer range plans are to design and build pedal assist electric vehicles that are covered and heated.


e-Bike conversions, Electric Vehicles, Computer Consulting & Web Site Design